Consumer Goods and Services, Norway

Consumer Goods and Services Norway Companies Worldwide
  • Specializes in raincoats, plastic bags and other disposable items.
  • Glass and marble architectural material, hand crafts, and sanitary ware.
  • Products and services including consumer appliances and repair, lighting products for home improvement and warranty registration.
  • Supplying quality tools and hardware, computer printing supplies, electric appliances, heat sealing, hot melt glue guns, glue stick and soldering irons.
  • Manufacturer of commercial, USPS approved metal mail boxes. Located in Grapevine, Texas.
  • Produces a wide range of spray household items including paints, insecticides, automotive and bench products, craft products, health and beauty aids, and private label
  • Official corporate site for a major manufacturer of food, home care, and personal products including margarine, tea, and Dove soap.
  • Manufacturer of airline and hotel amenities.
  • Manufacturer and exporter of hot melt glue, sticks and chips.
  • Produces torches. Site requires Flash.
  • Produces small electrical appliances and hobby tools such as car vacuum cleaner, mini fluorescent lantern, and lady personal care products.
  • Manufacturer of novelty plastic items. Located in Hong Kong.
  • Manufacturer of a device to extend ones reach, useful in both industrial settings as well as the home. Located in Warm Springs, GA.
  • Manufacturer and exporter of electronics and safety products including baby strollers, multi-purpose bicycle lights, and credit card boxes.
  • Offers a variety of fiber based disposable goods. Product details available.
  • Supplies custom sports, agricultural, and marine netting. Includes company background, product details and photos, and contact information.
  • Contract operation services including manufacturing, packing and supply chain solutions for the Fast Moving Consumer Goods market.
  • Wholesales sea shells and related products. Located in India.
  • Manufacturer of recreational vehicles, boats, and commercial vehicles. Located in Elkhart, Indiana.
  • International group manufacturing branded consumer products including foods, detergents, home care, tissues, adhesives and personal care products. View brand portfolio,
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