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  • and as a company: Innovative Cooperative Dedicated Reliable Kinera is never more than a phone call or
  • -296 [ Abstract ] Book Chapters Herns, Erik, Zhiyang Jia and Steinar Strm, 2007: Retirement in non-cooperative and...cooperative families, in K. Hamada
  • experience. Through our wide experience and network of cooperative partners, we will offer a product
  • projects are now in full swing. The Uganda Meat Producers Cooperative Union established a new office and
  • staff Since June 2004, NBC has been part of the Human Rights House in Oslo in a cooperative of eight
  • , scientific experts, cooperative study groups and study sites Develops and implements local Key Opinion Leader
  • . We seek people with high ethical standards and integrity, personal drive, empathy and cooperative
  • carpentry cooperative. They now work together as a group, sharing responsibilities and income. "Since I...started working with the cooperative, eating
  • develop the river in a cooperative manner, share substantial socioeconomic benefits, and promote regional...peace and security. Cooperative water
  • turn are called by their leaders to serve in various positions in their congregation. This cooperative..., and to work cooperatively with other
  • environmental problems on the Kola Peninsula. This article gives a brief overview of these cooperative...increasingly important for the High North. The article
  • on creative talent, motivation, maturity and musical skills. Pre-requisites for the Institute are co-operativeness
  • of cooperative topics between Norwegian and Croatian leisure boat builders. First contract in place
  • Research Institute. Fields of research: cooperatives, value chain of food products, labelling schemes
  • such as the Human Settlement Trust (WAT) in Tanzania, and National Housing Cooperative (NACHU) in Kenya
  • polar bears on the ice floes, and 2 of them were photogenic and cooperative. With 41 polar bears in a
  • Unpredictable concurrently and cooperatively with the transmediale international festival for art and digital
  • and its participation in the Arctic Council, are co-operative relationships which continue to be of