Mining and Drilling, Norway

Mining and Drilling Norway Companies Worldwide
  • Specialists in deep hole drilling. Gun drills, gun reamers, speedfeed, ventec, speedbit and proten drills.
  • Offering the international mining, railroads, pipelines and civil construction industries cost effective services including drilling, mining, blasting, construction,
  • Contract mining including overburden removal, coal, gold and minerals mining, and haulage. Open pit and hard rock mining and quarrying.
  • Test boring, soil sampling, rock coring, well monitoring, rock pressure testing and drilling since 1977.
  • Drilling contractors, Thailand. Specializing in deep water wells, onshore oilfield, geotechnical, coring, geophysical logging,and mineral exploration.
  • Ground freezing is a technique that has been used extensively for groundwater control and excavation support in the underground construction and mining industries for
  • Licensed well drillers perform test borings, rock coring, install monitoring wells. Truck and all terrain vehicle drills.
  • Specialists in water bore-hole drilling for drinking water supplies, irrigation water or industrial water. From preliminary exploration to pre-production and reserve
  • Environmental, geotechnical, and direct-push drilling contractor licensed in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Louisiana, and Arkansas.
  • Mud-rotary exploration, air-rotary casing hammer drilling and hollow stem auger drilling company in Milan, New Mexico.
  • Southern California limited access geotechnical drilling and sampling. Provides geotechnical and environmental engineering services, limited access drilling services.
  • Offering escort services in Australia. Includes description of services and company information.
  • International drilling company specializes in core drilling and reverse circulation for mining and exploration industries.
  • An information resource and forum for international co-ordination on the theme of minerals, metals and sustainable development. Site maintained by UNEP.
  • Custom-made products for asphaltenes and paraffin deposition control. Full range of oilfield chemicals including bio-remediation and soil consolidation for agricultural.
  • UK. Composites division in the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining of the University of London, dedicated to education and research. Introduction to composites.
  • Focuses on mining, purchasing, processing and selling of coal and coal derivatives.
  • A mining and civil engineering contractor in the UK. Services include drilling, diamond drilling and cutting of concrete, mini piling and the treatment of abandoned mine
  • Supplies instruments for bulk online moisture analysis of mined materials. Includes case studies and technical data.
  • Makes equipment and systems to protect workers in fire service, construction, chemical manufacturing and mining.
  • Diamond Drilling Equipment Percussive Tooling Diamond Cutting Equipment Contact Diamond & Hardmetal Tools...& Equipment Dia-Team is an experienced dealer of
  • Regional Monitoring Mining Explosions Special Events Capability Assessment Infrasound Earthquakes...controlling earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. It is funded
  • -handling, dewatering applications and for pumping dirty liquids such as mining and paper plant wastes. They are also...drilled wells, narrow
  • Service Platforms TTS Marine AS has since 1967 produced approximately 2800 service platforms for mining...drilling and handling solutions Offshore
  • 18 years of experience in drilling, oil production, operations and reservoir. Mr. De La Mora has...petroleum, mining, agricultural, electricity,
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